Privacy Declaration

EURAM is well aware that the trust you place in it is the company’s most important capital. Your privacy is of equal importance to EURAM.


The present privacy declaration (hereafter referred to as “Privacy Declaration”) is applicable among others to (i) the website of EURAM: (hereafter referred to as the “Website”) and (ii) all (commercial) relations between EURAM and yourself.


This Privacy Declaration includes among others information on the personal details that EURAM collects, as well as the manner in which EURAM uses and processes these personal details.


Calling on the services, purchasing products as well as visiting the Website or any other communication with EURAM implies your explicit endorsement of the Privacy Declaration and thus the manner in which EURAM collects, uses, processes and secures your personal details.


Please read this Privacy Declaration together with the cookie policy and possibly other conditions that (can) be applicable to your dealings with EURAM.



    • Types of personal details


        • General


EURAM only collects personal details that have been expressly and voluntarily passed on by the party in question, or otherwise by contract parties of EURAM (users, members or partners). This information can be comprised of but is not limited to:

          • the surname and first name;
          • the e-mail address;
          • the telephone number;
          • the country and the profile of the party concerned (e.g. user, member, partner and/or traveller(s)).



        • Sensitive information


In principle EURAM does not process sensitive information (such as details about race, ethnic origin, religious conviction, criminal record, physical or mental health or sexual inclination). EURAM cannot however rule out that similar information is being implicitly included in the related booking dossier (e.g. diet, gay-friendly, etc.). Should it be necessary, EURAM will ask the explicit permission to collect and to use this information. The user, member and/or partner that receive similar sensitive information from the traveller and via the Website pass it on to EURAM, guarantee that they have received the explicit permission of the traveller to collect, use and pass on this information.


        • Our website                              


Like many other websites, the Website automatically collects specific non-identifiable information on its visitors such as the internet protocol (IP) address of your computer, the IP address of your internet service provider, the date and time of your access to the Website, the internet address of the website from which you have made a direct link to our Website, the operating system that you use, the part of the Website that you visit, the Website pages and the information that you have looked at and the materials that you have sent to or have downloaded from the Website. EURAM cannot identify you from any of this data. This technical information is utilised for website and system management purposes as well as to improve the Website. This technical data can be forwarded on to third parties and also retained on a permanent basis with a view to future use. Moreover the Website uses cookies. More information on this can be found under our Cookies Policy.


EURAM can use non-personal information to generate global tracing information reports on your demographic data and can provide third parties with these reports. The tracing information in these reports is not coupled to any personal details.



    • Method of collecting personal details


EURAM collects personal details by or in the framework of (without being exhaustive):

          • Use of the Website;
          • A collaboration with EURAM;
          • The request for information regarding a (potential) booking;
          • The confirmation and completion of a booking;
          • Remaining correspondence with EURAM.


The personal details collected by EURAM are explicitly and voluntarily provided by the user concerned or otherwise via the member and/or partner.



    • Use of personal details


        • General objectives


Where necessary, EURAM processes personal details solely with a view to (i) the implementation of the agreement(s) and supply of services; (ii) the implementation and development of its services; (iii) to inform users, members and partners about its other services; (iv) improving quality, management and contents of the Website and services. 


Bearing in mind the above-mentioned objectives, EURAM is liable to acquire personal information with regard to the identity of (including the contact person) the user, member, partner and/or traveller (name, first name and address).


Details of travellers and suppliers are only processed with a view to the implementation of the agreement (in the framework of a booking, including its follow-up). Furthermore, the details of its own/future clients are used in the framework of the implementation of the agreement or otherwise for direct marketing.


Within the context of the processing of personal details of the traveller, EURAM will be designated as processor of these data. For the processing of the personal details of others, EURAM will be designated as being accountable.



        • Direct marketing and communication


EURAM considers personal data as confidential information that will not be used for direct marketing, except when the party in question is an (or contact of) active client of EURAM or if the party concerned has given prior permission.  



        • Legal base


The processing takes place on the following legal bases, depending on the circumstance:

          • The party concerned has given permission for the processing of his/her personal details for one or more specific purposes.
          • The processing is necessary for the implementation of the agreement with EURAM or at the request of the party concerned, user, member and/or partner to take measures for the concluding of an agreement.
          • The processing is necessary to meet a legal obligation that lies with EURAM.
          • The processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the party concerned, user, member, partner and/or traveller or those of another natural person.
          • The processing is necessary for the fulfilment of a task for the common good.
          • The processing is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of EURAM or of third parties except when the interests or legal bases and the fundamental liberties, that protect personal details from the party concerned, user, member, partner and/or traveller, are more important than the interests (namely when the party concerned is a minor). The legal base interest must be specified.



    • Disclosure of personal details to third parties


With a view to the implementation of the agreement(s) and their optimisation (such as, though not limited to, the supply of the services), EURAM nevertheless has to pass on the personal details to third parties. In this framework, the personal details will most probably be made available to hotels/hotel chains, excursion organisers operators, etc. and by definition, also to those outside the European Economic Area.


In the event that in this framework EURAM feels it necessary to make the data available to third parties, the third party in question is duty bound to use the personal details in agreement with the stipulations laid down in the Privacy Declaration.


Without prejudice to the above, it is equally possible that EURAM makes public the personal details of the party concerned, user, member, partner and/or traveller:

        • To the competent authorities (i) whenever EURAM is obliged under law or in the framework of a legal or a future legal procedure and (ii) as protection and defence of the rights of EURAM.
        • When EURAM or to all intents all its assets are taken over by a third party, in which case the personal details that EURAM has collected will be one of the transferred assets.


In all other cases EURAM will not sell, rent out or pass on the personal details to third parties, unless when they (i) have received the permission of the party concerned, user, member, partner and/or indirectly from the traveller and (ii) when they have concluded with the third party in question a data processing agreement that includes the necessary guarantees concerning confidentiality and privacy in accordance with the treatment of the personal details.



    • Cross-border processing personal details


Every transfer of personal details outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to an addressee who has their residence or head office in a country that does not fall under an adequacy decision issued through the European Commission, will be controlled through provisions from a data processing agreement, that either (i) will include the standard contractual clauses as laid down in the ‘Commission Decision of 5 February 2010 (Decision 2010/87/EC)’ or (ii) will provide suitable guarantees through any other mechanisms on the basis of the privacy law or any other rules regarding the processing of personal details.



    • Storage personal details


Unless a longer retention period is required or justified (i) by law or (ii) through the observance of another legal obligation, EURAM only retains the personal details during the period that is found necessary for reaching and fulfilling the objectives, as described in this Privacy Declaration under ‘III. Use of personal details’.


Each user, member and/or partner receives, via the “Settings” feature of the Website, access to the personal data and can per booking request consult or adjust the personal data of the travellers.



    • Privacy rights


Within the context of the processing of personal details you have the following privacy rights:

          • Right of access to personal details;
          • Right of rectification, completion or update of the personal details;
          • Right of deletion of the personal details (‘right to be forgotten’);
          • Right of a limitation to the processing of the personal details;
          • Right of transfer of the personal details;
          • Right of objection/protest regarding processing of the personal details.


When you wish to exercise these privacy rights, you should contact or complete the form for the exercising of the privacy rights and send it to EURAM via e-mail or by post to Remy Toren, Vaartdijk 3 B, bus 102, 3018 Leuven (Wijgmaal), Belgium or contact EURAM by phone on +32 (0)16 29 27 25.


In principle you can exercise these rights free of charge via the above-mentioned form. Moreover, the user, member and/or partner can always share, consult, verify and update the data related to themselves or to a mentioned traveller and in certain situations, delete through this account the data concerning him or the traveller that he has submitted via his account.  


In the event the user, member and/or partner no longer wishes to receive newsletters, publicity or information on EURAM’s services, he or she can unsubscribe whenever they wish by clicking on  “unsubscribe”, to be found at the bottom of every e-mail from EURAM.


EURAM will then do everything in its power to comply with this request as quickly as possible. Costs for modifications to the original data of the user, member, partner and/or traveller, created as a result of this request, will always be charged to the respective Partner.



    • Securing personal details


EURAM does all it possibly can to secure its servers, applications and data banks and to prevent (i) unauthorized access, illegal or wrongful use, as well as (ii) loss, abuse or modification of the personal details. EURAM calls upon its physical, administrative and technological security measures.


Regrettably, EURAM cannot guarantee 100% security.


The security of the personal details linked to your possible account for a part on the confidentiality of the password and other account information. EURAM will never ask for the password and equally the user, member, partner and/or traveller will not be liable to communicate it either. Should a password be communicated to a third party, this third party will gain access to the personal account of the user, member, partner and/or traveller and the personal details linked to it. In that case the user, member, partner and/or traveller is responsible for the actions arising from the use that is made of the account. EURAM strongly recommends changing the password immediately whenever the user, member, partner and/or traveller realizes that a non-authorised person has access to the personal account, and take contact with EURAM immediately.



    • Reference to other websites


The Website can contain hyperlinks to other websites or internet sources. Whenever you click on one of these links you go to another website or internet source that knowingly or via cookies or other technologies could collect information.. EURAM is in no way to be held responsible nor liable for this, and has no  control authority at all on these other websites or internet sources, nor on their collection, use and distribution of personal details. EURAM is not responsible for the Privacy Declaration of the websites to which one is referred via a hyperlink from the Website. It is up to you to look into the Privacy Declaration of these other websites and internet sources and assess yourself how they collect and use information in order to judge whether they are acting in accordance with the privacy legislation.



    • Modifications to the Privacy Declaration


EURAM can, at any given moment and for whatever reason, modify, supplement or amend its Privacy Declaration by placing the revised Privacy Declaration on the Website in a clearly visible manner. We would advise you to consult the Website and the relative page where the Privacy Declaration is reproduced on a regular basis to ensure that you are acquainted with any such modifications.



    • Contact


Should you have any queries regarding the Privacy Declaration or about the way EURAM collects, uses or processes your personal details, please feel free to contact us:

          • Via e-mail:


          • By letter: Remy Toren, Vaartdijk 3 B, bus 102, 3018 Leuven (Wijgmaal), Belgium.


In the event of dissatisfaction regarding the way EURAM has treated these questions or comments or should you have any complaints about the way in which EURAM collects, uses or processes the data, your personal details, a complaint can be lodged with the Data Protection Authority.



    • General information


EURAM strives at all times to act in accordance with the appropriate privacy law, namely:

          • The Belgian law of 8 December 1992, the so-called "privacy law" (last modified by the law of 11 December 1998);
          • The EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing of Directive 95/46/EC;
          • The (future) Belgian legislation regarding the implementation of afore-mentioned regulation.